My Notebook - for Handwriting, Recording, Sketching, and Photos Support Center

My Notebook is your new digital notebook that will help you capture your precious moments and write your creative thoughts. It feels like using a real notebook where you can take notes of important points during a meeting or a class, jot down all your reminders and to-dos, write down all your creative thoughts and juices and doodle your imagination. This is a notebook that you can use anytime, anywhere and takes advantage of the retina-display of your iPad.
Feels Natural

It feels just like using a real notebook. Take down notes during a meeting or a class, jot down your reminders and doodle what's in your mind. Works great with a stylus.

Excellent tools

Features a lot of tools that you can use to highlight your notes. Easily annotate important parts of the story or script.

Keyboard Support

Works great with the keyboard and you can change the font and color of your text to add life to your notes.

Undo & Redo!

Easily undo or redo your notes and go back to your previous ideas.

Export and Share!

You can easily share your notes to your friends and work mates. Export your notes to PDF and easily share them via email. You can also export your notes to image files and share it by email.

Multiple Notebook!

You can have multiple notebooks to separate your ideas, work notes, reminders and doodles. If you're a student, use this feature for each of your subjects.

Beautifully designed and engineered, My Notebook will be your partner in your everyday activities. No need to worry about missing a great idea, just pull your iPad out and start writing.

Go Templates for Pages Support Center

Go Templates for Pages is an excellent and comprehensive design works for templates to satisfied with the majority of people’s demand use for iPad,iPhone and iPod Touch.
The Pages provide convenience for seek a wide range of templates from each categories such as reports,letters,flyers ,etc.All templates can smooth and easy running on iOS application.The layout is elegant appearance and the operator is simplicity. It can be offered to a more fluid interface,a more stable operation and better performance.
Develop your ability,you can apply your own pictures,colors,fonts and so on in Pages.And you can let us know what templates you want to see in next update.

CHM Reader Pro Support Center

CHM Reader Pro is can read CHM file and Convert CHM to PDF.
● View CHM files with ease
● Convert CHM to PDF format for viewing on iPad,iPhone and many smart phones
● Full-text search and index search
● Back/Forward
● Text zoom
● Continuous reading with Page down/Page up
● Lion compatibility

iPainter Support Center

iPainter is an efficient paint and drawing application for Mac. Create and save elegant images with you creative mind.why don’t you have a try?
● Operational excellence
Select the image size you want .Build up and manage multiple layers.Prior to setting the layers and alternate layers then freely change the order of layers .Customize the layer to be visible or not.Delete unwanted layers.Freedom to choose the display size.
● Simple and practical Toolbar
Simple tool image express the practical features of the product.Freewheeling moving their location include familiar preset tools,such as erasers fill tools,color picker,zoom in straight lines,curves ,rectangles ,rounded-rectangles,ellipses ,customize,font,size,color of text
.Set the foreground and background color for tools with the palette
● Powerful color function
Four kind of powerful technical color tools for your choice.You can use color-catcher to get whatever color you want.
● Interchangeable
● And much more...

PDF Reader Plus Support Center

PDF Reader Plus is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X.

Annotation: Add Text, Anchored, Circle, Box, Highlights, Underline, Strike and Freehand drawing on the PDF.

Searching: find specific information in PDF quickly

Talking: PDF Reader Plus has integrated text to speech conversion feature that makes text audible without additional software.

Taking Notes: talking all different kind of notes on the PDF file

Bookmark: Used bookmark to keep your place in your documents and to enable you to return to it with ease.

Presentation: present your PDF in the meeting with remote control

Fast Word Support Center

Fast Word is a magic, lightweight word processor designed for writers, academic, journalists and anyone wants to be productive.

Key Features:
* Design for your daily writing task.
Fast Word as a fantastic word processor meets every essential need of your daily word processing tasks.

* Format your document with Inspector easily
Click and open Inspector, you can quickly change font style, size, formatting setting like character and line spacing, alignment etc.

* Powerful functions
Beside basic text based content and formatting, you can easily insert pictures, add hyperlink or anchored link to any text content and create multi-column document. Adding table is easy, you can even change the cell border and cell background color.

* Quick and Useful.
Start promptly without waiting for a long time.

* Autosave
Automatic save function let you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

* Live Word Count
Show live word count at the status bar instantly.

*Find and Replace
Find and Replace feature in Fast Word make your documents easily search

* output formats
It provides wide range of output formats so that you have no problems sharing your file to others.

PDF Reader Pro Support Center

PDF Reader Pro is an editor /viewer of portable document format (PDF)files.It is the best tool for searching, editing them,adding notes ,highlighting sections,copying and much more.It is the good helper to your task.You can handle you PDF files easier with it.


• viewing PDFs
• save changes by exporting with embedded notes
• Highlighting important section
• adding and editing notes
• view all you notes
• talking “snapshots”for easy reference
• convenient reading with magnification tool
• handy preview of the operator interface
• cropping tools
• export notes as text
• Easy add spotlight and search
• highly customizable
• and more...
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RSS Reader Plus Support Center

RSS Reader Plus is a Fast-updating Desktop RSS News Reader.

● News without delay
● High speed, efficient RSS engine
● Share on Facebook, Twitter and Evernote
● Intuitive user interface
● Mac desktop integration with adjustable opacity
● Add new feeds and feed icons with Drag and Drop
● OS X Notification Center support
● Customizable individual feed settings
● Offline Reading Mode
● Quick text search in all feeds