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iPainter Support Center

iPainter is an efficient paint and drawing application for Mac. Create and save elegant images with you creative mind.why don’t you have a try?
● Operational excellence
Select the image size you want .Build up and manage multiple layers.Prior to setting the layers and alternate layers then freely change the order of layers .Customize the layer to be visible or not.Delete unwanted layers.Freedom to choose the display size.
● Simple and practical Toolbar
Simple tool image express the practical features of the product.Freewheeling moving their location include familiar preset tools,such as erasers fill tools,color picker,zoom in straight lines,curves ,rectangles ,rounded-rectangles,ellipses ,customize,font,size,color of text
.Set the foreground and background color for tools with the palette
● Powerful color function
Four kind of powerful technical color tools for your choice.You can use color-catcher to get whatever color you want.
● Interchangeable
● And much more...
Tags: app, draw, mac, paint

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